Personal Property

Victoria’s Academy Personal Property

Victoria’s Academy will provide each student with a locker for storage of
personal items and supplies. However, it is the students responsibility to
provide their own lock. It is required that a key or combination be provided to the
administrative staff these will be placed in the student’s file in a locked cabinet.
Stealing will not be tolerated. If a student is caught doing so they will be subject
to immediate suspension or expulsion. Students are advised to label, in some
manner, all items included in their student kit. Remember, everybody has the
same equipment and unlabeled items are prone to be mistaken for somebody
else’s property. When you are missing something, keep this in mind before
accusing another student of stealing. Always check with a staff member and
make sure that what you are missing has not already been found. Victoria’s
Academy reserves the right to search students bags, purses, lockers and/or jackets
if warranted.

Victoria’s Academy of Cosmetology is not responsible for the loss or theft
of students personal property, this includes student kit items. Lock any
valuables in your locker.