Leave of Absence


Leave of Absence

A leave of absence may extend the students’ contract period and maximum time frame by the same number of days in the leave of absence. Students returning from a leave of absence, or other interruption of training, must return to school in the same SATISFACTORY PROGRESS status they had at the point of their leave.

Leave of Absence Request Procedure

A student may take a leave of absence if they plan to be out of school for an extended period of time. A leave must be requested, in writing (form provided), at least three (3) business days prior to desired start date. Only one leave of absence may be granted during the time span of a student’s contract and cannot interrupt student’s satisfactory progress. No leave of absence will be granted for any period to exceed thirty (30) consecutive days unless medically necessary. If more than the allotted thirty days is needed, formal withdrawal procedures must be followed.

Special Medical or Pregnancy Leave of Absence Procedure

Students requesting medical or pregnancy leave must provide a statement from a health care provider verifying the need for leave and its beginning and expected ending dates. Any changes in this information should be promptly reported. Upon returning from medical or pregnancy leave, student must submit a health care provider’s verification of fitness to return to work (including any limitations on ability to perform daily activities required as a student.) This type of leave may be granted for up to six (6) months, per federal regulations, for extenuating circumstances, i.e., pregnancy and/or recovery from surgery.

Under these circumstances more than one leave my be granted.