Student Discipline


Student Discipline Policy

Disciplinary actions are taken with students when the Academy’s written Policies and Procedures are not adhered to and when they do not follow the Student Code of Conduct. When these things happen, the instructor(s) will take the following course of action:

  • First Offense – Student will receive an oral warning.
  • Second Offense – Student will receive a written warning.
  • Third Offense – Student will receive a second written warning and will be sent home for the remainder of the day.
  • Fourth Offense – Student will receive a third written warning and
    will receive an automatic 3 day suspension.

Suspensions will be treated as absences and will be subject to the OVERTIME HOURS POLICY (page 18).

Written warnings and fourth offense write-up’s will be explained to the student, signed by both the instructor and the student, and will then become part of the students permanent record.

Any student receiving a third 3 day suspension (third time/ fourth offense) will be automatically terminated from their program if they have reached a total of:
187 hours for Cosmetology, 121 hours for Barbering, 138 hours for Esthetics+, 104 hours for Massage or 66 hours for Instructor. Re-enrollment may be allowed after 30 days, as a new student, and all fees and policies will apply.