Work Stations and Property


Work Stations and School Property Policy

When a student completes their “freshman requirements” and moves to the clinic floor, a personal workstation will be assigned. Stations are rotated every two months. Work stations are the property of Victoria’s Academy and are subject to a search by any staff member at any time Each student is responsible for maintaining a clean and safe work area. Stations are to remain uncluttered and organized. Item allowed on stations are limited to the following:

  • Approved products that are used for client services
  • One 5×7 picture frame to display personal photo(s). Photos must not be offensive to clients, staff or other students

All areas are to be maintained in a clean and sanitary manner. No mannequin stands are allowed to be attached to stations. Students will be
assigned sanitation duties to be done on a daily basis and will be checked before class is dismissed, this will include personal work station. Duties will be assigned by area and month. Any defacing, vandalism or abuse of any school property will be grounds for immediate suspension or expulsion.