Rights and Responsibilities

Victoria’s Academy Student Rights and Responsibilities

Admission to Victoria’s Academy of Cosmetology carries with it the assumption that the student is committed to a course of study which carries certain rights and responsibilities.
These are :

  • Assume the major responsibility for self-directed learning
  • Complete in a pre-determined sequence of theory and practical courses, taken concurrently
  • Retain and integrate beginning knowledge with subsequent learning
  • Achieve the program objectives within the given time frame
  • Retain all course materials and textbooks for reference throughout the entire program
  • Share information obtained during an analysis with instructors prior to client services
  • Act as professionals while representing Victoria’s Academy and the Cosmetology industry, misconduct reflects on all students, staff and school
  • Participate and attend classes regularly in order to complete the programs curriculum, competencies and required hours in a timely manner

Please note: It is the responsibility of the student to provide written notification to the school administration of any changes in address or telephone numbers. Having your correct and current address and phone number enables us to contact you if the need arises.