Cosmetology Program

Start your career in the ever-evolving Cosmetology Industry ENROLL TODAY! Invest in your future!

Master Esthetics Program

Professional Estheticians Are In Demand ENROLL TODAY! Invest in your future!

Barber Program

Become a Professional Barber with Training at Victoria's Academy of Cosmetology ENROLL TODAY! Invest in your future!

Massage Program

Massage Therapist Training Start your career as a Massage Practitioner ENROLL TODAY! Invest in your future!

Victoria’s Academy offers the choice of five different career paths in the field of Cosmetology Arts and Science including a comprehensive state of the art Massage Program. Victoria’s Academy recently became a CLiC INTERNATIONAL (Certified Learning In Cosmetology) school as well as an NCEA certified training facility.
We are very proud of our training facility. We maintain an up to date, state of the art school with the latest equipment and products. Our facilities currently have over 16,000 sq. ft. of space used to enhance the learning experience of our students. We are located in the Historical Downtown Kennewick Parkade, with plenty of available parking.

Victoria’s Academy Is a Awsome School to Attend ? Ms.DePhilippis ROCKS!!


I graduated from Victoria’s Academy of Cosmetology in September and had a job the very next week. The salon that hired me met me at Victoria’s and saw my excitement about my education! Victoria’s always taught us to have confidence in our work and to work just as hard as anyone else in our future salons. I had that confidence and the day I left my first job I got another job! The same day! Mrs. D especially was like a mother to me and always encouraged me to push further focus more and have more confidence. I really am so happy with my education. With a great education you can do anything you want!


Victoria’s Academy Is a Awsome School to Attend ? During my time at Victoria’s Academy I built myself a small Family. Yes I was a part time student so I was there way longer than I should have been, but when I walked through the doors in the morning I was already in the feel as if I was part of an elite salon. Out of all the cosmetology schools I have dealt with and/or worked with Victoria’s was the best at giving me the proper education to know how to do things by the book exactly plus also my own spark which gave me my own character in the world of Beauty.


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