Instructional performance objectives are developed for each competency in each of the programs offered by Victoria’s Academy. Student learning objectives are used in all theory and practical applications, safety and sanitation practices and procedures, attendance and professionalism.

The instructional staff at Victoria’s Academy use lesson plans that follow the most recent Milady’s Standard published textbooks and reference materials available. Instructors are also given the freedom to use their own instructional experience as well to be creative and motivational. Power Point is used for theory as well as an abundant amount of visual aids. Audio/visual aids, computer presentations, tapes, books, lectures and demonstrations will also be used as part of the learning experience for students. Theory is delivered in creative and interesting ways, in individual and group settings, each geared around every learning style. A dedicated instructor is on staff for theory and tutoring our students to insure they receive the best opportunity for learning.

Non-Discrimination Statement
Victoria’s Academy of Cosmetology does not discriminate on the basis of sex, religion, color, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, age, disability, race, creed, financial status or area of origin or residence.