Additional Fees and Charges
  • Enrollment Fee $100.00

  • Examination Retake Fee $50.00

  • N.S.F. Check Fee $75.00

Any check returned due to non-sufficient funds will require replacement by cash or cashier’s check for the original amount plus $40.00. Victoria’s will continue to honor checks from the account holder, however, if another check is returned for NSF, the account holder will no longer have the privilege of using a check as a form of payment.


Replacement I.D. Badge $10.00

One “Student ID Badge” will be included in each student kit.


Transfer Student Exam $100.00

Please see Transfer Policy


Overtime Hours Per Hour $30.00

Please see Overtime Policy


Students are responsible for the payment of any and all fees charged by the state of Washington’s Department of Licensing ( or to any testing agency for application of the written and practical examinations and/or licensure.

Late Tuition

If a student is on Victoria’s payment plan and is 10 business days late on their tuition payments they may not be allowed to attend school until payments are made current or other arrangements have been made. Late fees will be assessed on the unpaid balance at the rate of $5.00 per day until the unpaid balance is paid in full.