Victoria’s Academy of Cosmetology welcomes transfer students, however, the Academy does not, and will not recruit students already attending or enrolled at another school offering similar programs of study. A maximum of 100% of total earned hours from another Washington State school may be accepted as transfer credit. In order for 100% of the total hours to be credited the student must take the Academy’s exams and pass with a 76% or better on both the written and
practical. Any score less than 76% will still allow 50% of the students hours, up to a maximum of 500 hours, to be credited. If a student chooses not to test they may still transfer 50% of their hours, not to exceed 500 hours. Exceptions may apply. No elective, business or extra hours will be credited unless earned at Victoria’s Academy. The exam fee is $100.00.

Withdrawn students from Victoria’s Academy of Cosmetology are encouraged to re-enroll after (30) thirty days and all creditable hours will be accepted, as long as proper procedures were followed when they withdrew. If longer than ninety (90) days, students may re-enroll but must follow the transfer policy. Involuntarily withdrawn students will not be accepted. In the case that a student wishing to transfer decides, after taking the exam, not to attend Victoria’s Academy they will forfeitthe exam fee, otherwise the exam fee will be considered the students $100.00 application fee. Transfer students must meet all general enrollment criteria in addition to the following:

  • Hours previously earned must be documented and certified by the forwarding Washington State school.
  • Student from Washington schools must be terminated in Department of Licensing school portal to have hours transferred, according to Washington State Department of Licensing.
  • Hours must be creditable according to the Washington State Department of Licensing WAC’s and RCW’s.
  • Victoria’s Academy has the option to not accept any transfer hours
  • No hours may be accepted from any state other than Washington State, per Washington State Department of Licensing WAC’s.
  • Massage students must follow Department of Health RCW’s concerning transfers.

Tuition costs for transfer students will be calculated on an individual basis, depending on how many hours are transferred. Purchase of a student kit may be required. Enrollment applications are available at Victoria’s Academy during business hours and are available for download here.