First Year Kit Fee $311.45
First Year Application Fee $100.00
Second Year Kit Fee $223.66
Second Year Application Fee $100.00

All Enrollment fees are non-refundable.

Requirements for Tri-Tech
  • High school program participants must be approved by their high school Principal or counselor, Tri-Tech Skills Center Director and Victoria’s Academy administration. High school students are allowed to attend school, on a half-day basis, and receive high school credits. This arrangement varies from high school to high school.
  • Victoria’s Academy accepts high school students or transfer students at summer school and each school semester or trimester. Tri-Tech students are housed at our main facility at 23 W. 1st Ave. for their training. They will attend Monday through Friday from (AM) 7:30-10:30 or from (PM) 12:00-3:00 and follow Tri-Tech’s yearly school schedule.
  • Once graduated from high school or obtaining a GED student will be considered for full time enrollment at Victoria’s Academy. If accepted, within ninety (90) days of graduation, all accumulated hours will be credited. If longer than (90) days have passed the student will follow our regular transfer policy.
  • High school students will follow the same policies and procedures as regular students with the exception of our warning policy. High school students may be withdrawn if completing two complete sets of warnings.
  • All school policies and procedures pertain to Tri-Tech students.
What students will learn

The Tri-Tech Cosmetology program prepares students for licensing by the Washington State Board of Cosmetology. Licensing requirements consist of theory and practical application of theory. Instruction and practice in the program include training for shampooing, scalp and hair analysis, hair cutting and trimming, removal and trim of facial hair, and thermal, wet and dry styling. Students will have to complete time in the adult program to become licensed.

Pre-Requisites: Junior/Senior standing, returning students must have a “C” or better their 1st year and instructor approval.