Academic Progress


Academic and Practical Progress Policy

The following factors will be measured to determine academic and practical progress:
Theory, Test Grades, Class Participation, Homework, etc. and Practical Work.
All work, theory and practical, will be graded according to the following scale:
94% – 100% = A
85% – 93% = B
76% – 84% = C Satisfactory
0% – 76% = Failing/Unsatisfactory progress

Students must maintain a C Grade Average (Minimum of 76%) in theory and practical work in order to be considered to be making satisfactory progress. Only those students who maintain satisfactory progress are eligible to receive Title IV Funds.

Determination of Progress:
Written and practical testing will be conducted by the class instructor at least twice during the students training. The first time will be after completing the beginning classroom requirements and the second time will be before the student may apply for their state boards. The instructor will compile grades cumulative each month. Students will be given a report card every three months during their training.

Satisfactory Progress:
Students with a minimum of 76% GPA in theory, practical and 89% attendance (at least 125 hours for full time and 85 hours for part time) will be considered to be making SATISFACTORY PROGRESS. On the first of each month all grades will be added to the previous month’s average to determine whether the student is meeting satisfactory standards of the school. SAP report is given every three months.

If a student falls below 76% in one area, academic or practical, but still averages 76%, they will be counseled and allowed 30 days to raise that individual area to a 76%. If after 30 days the average in all areas is not at 76% they will be placed on 90 day Probation. One Probation period is allowed before the student is considered to not be making Satisfactory Progress and dropped from their program.